Services offered by the Free Software Lab

Get your Kanban in one day

Starting with an overview of flow-based methods, we will tackle the six core practices of Kanban, from visualizing your workflow to collaboratively improving through experimentation. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own Kanban boards, and learn how to apply each of the six principles to continually improve the delivery process. At the end of the day we will compare Kanban and Scrum to see some key differences between these two major frameworks.

What you get: A fully developed Kanban board tailored your needs
Duration: 1 day of active workshop for you and your team at the Free Software Lab
Cost: € 1.500,00 + VAT


Build your continuous integration and delivery pipeline with Jenkins

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery can help to build and deliver quality software in a reliable way. We will cover a set of of principles and techniques that allow you to have control over the release process and its automation while keeping an eye on efficiency, costs and risks. When you've finished this workshop, you'll have a foundational knowledge of the concepts of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery that will help you to get your organization ready to deliver great software.

What you get: A continuous integration/delivery boilerplate pipeline tailored for your needs
Cost: € 2.000,00 + VAT


Usability testing of applications and web interfaces

The usability test is an evaluation service of web interfaces or applications, performed through specific analysis techniques aimed at understanding if users will perceive the interaction as effective and satisfying in a given context of use.

What you need: A web interface or an application to test (Up to 10 screens)
What you get: Detailed report describing problems identified and suggestions identified
Cost: € 3.000,00 + VAT